About Us

About Me

I am Ayşe Doğan, I was born in 1978, I completed my education life in Istanbul. Then, in 1996, I won the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Trakya University Faculty of Science and Literature. I am a teacher who has a structure that can communicate very well, and since I am a literature teacher, I am an idealist teacher who advocates that education and teaching in cultural activities are not only in the classroom and educates her students with this understanding. I married Özcan Doğan in 2004.

I have two daughters named Helin and Ceren. I think that language learning is very important in human lives, so teaching Turkish is very important for me. Therefore, I wanted to give Turkish lessons. Because people need to know a language to communicate with each other. Also, since we live in different geographies, I have detected speech disorders and I teach my students not only to teach Turkish but also to correct their diction. My biggest goal is to teach my students Turkish well and to have good dialogues together.

The mission of this company is to protect the family structure.
Improving dialogue between individuals' families.
To protect language, race and cultural structures, to develop intercultural dialogue.
The vision of the company is to improve the language of individuals and to be able to speak their native language in accordance with the pronunciation (grammar) while learning another language.


1) Studies done individual private lessons
2) In-group Turkish speaking lessons
3) To teach the spelling rules of Turkish based on the text.
4) The lessons are given to the students in detail within the specified time.